Podcast Episodes

#9 Jest with Tim Seckinger

Tobi and Vanessa talk to Tim Seckinger, one Contributor of the delightful JavaScript Testing Framework Jest. He tells us all about the past and future of Jest, including the updates for the current version 27. He gives an overview of all of the great features of the testing framework.

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#8 XState with David Khourshid

Vanessa and Tobi talk to David Khourshid about State Machines. They talk about his inspiration to build XState and how to add state machines to existing codebases. As usual, they discuss what possible tradeoffs.

#7 Cypress, the Deep-Dive

Vanessa and Tobi T. are diving deep into the beloved End-to-End testing framework Cypress, together with Priyanka Kore and Tobias Struckmeier.

#6 Testing JavaScript Applications with Lucas da Costa

Vanessa and Nik talk to Lucas da Costa about his almost finished Book Testing JavaScript Applications. Lucas is also the author of Chai.js and Sinon.js. They talk about the Testing Pyramid, Code Coverage, Jest and Cypress, Mocha, and much more - check out the chapter marks for more information. Lucas also mentioned an article about to never to a full rewrite.

#5 Mutation Testing with Stryker

Tobi tells Vanessa and Roman about mutation testing, what Stryker is, which advantages it brings and which pitfalls there might be.

#4 Property-based Testing

In this episode of expect(Exception), Tobi Timm talks to Roman and me about property-based testing, how powerful it is, if it has any downsides at all, and which library you can use for Javascript applications. Stay to the end of the episode if you want to know what you could do with your time instead of spending it on writing hundreds of tests manually.

#3 Blazor in Action with Chris Sainty

In this episode of expect(Exception) we talk with Chris Sainty, author of the book Blazor in Action. We talk about what Blazor actually is, why we like it and of course, how to test it.

#2 Testing UI Components

What are the best practices when testing ui components?

#1 Cypress: E2E Testing

Every line of code that is tested is a win for us.